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April 6, 2013
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                                        *chapter 2*
                               Back from Germany                 __________________________________________________________________________________________
You awoke to someone shaking you. Your [e/c] eyes slowly flickered open, and you traced the hand that woke you to its owner.
Feli? of yeah....Last night..
"__-_____, Did I hurt-a Kiku again?...Tell him Im-a sorry.."
You could see Feliciano cry silently, trying to hide the tears.
You sat up and stretched. Then, you grabbed the keys out of your pocket and unlocked Feli's cage.
He sprang out and hugged you, crying into your shoulder. You hugged him back and kissed his forehead.
"Shhh~ Its over now, Feli. Now lets go have breakfast. You skipped dinner."
You heard Feli's stomach growl, along with yours. You blushed and giggled.
"Come to think of it, none of us ate!"

  *~*After Breakfast*~*
" Chōshoku o itadaki, arigatōgozaimasu,________." Kiku bowed, carefully setting his plate in the already full sink.
He bowed again and walked upstairs to his room.
"Ve,_______! It was-a soooo good!!" Feliciano squeed, and licked his lips.
Your body suddenly got cold.
"F-Feli, don't do that.." You stuttered, and looked away.
Feliciano looked at you sadly and let his plate slip on top of Kiku's. He sniffled.
"Alright, Bella. Only for-a you :heart:"
You sighed and looked at him straight in the eyes making sure they were regular. (don't ask why they're open XD)
 You smiled.
"Im sorry Feli, but your other side has a tendency to..pop out, so I have to check~"
You giggled, trying not to be serious--he didn't listen to serious, Ludwig made it clear.
Feli still looked at you sadly, not saying a word.
He shook his head and walked upstairs.  You watched him, a puzzled look forming across your face.
You followed him up.
You checked his room.
Kiku's room.
The bathroom.
And even the closet!
Lastly, you checked your room.
There he was, in his cage crying into his pillow. The door was closed, but it wasn't locked.
You walked up to the cage and opened the door, kneeling in front of Feli. You put your hand on his shoulder, which somehow triggered a hug. He cried even louder into your shoulder. You were abit surprised, but you hugged him back.
"__-_____, Kill me!!"
Your eyes widened and you pulled away from Feliciano. You looked at him oddly and shook your head.
"Feli, don't say that."
"But Bella! Im-a causing you all so much-a pain! I--I don't like being-a killer!"
You hugged him again, but tighter.
"Shut up. Don't you dare say that again. We love you, killer or not. In your heart, you know who we are."
Feli pulled away from you and smiled.
"Thanks-a, Bella."

           ~*~Timeskip again :'D~*~

You starred out the window, listening to the rain drum on the roof. You sighed.
"Im not lying this time, he says. See you tomorrow, he says."
You felt tears coming, but you mentally slapped yourself before they arrived.
You were home alone, its not like anyone would see, right? Wrong! You were watching. You would know.
Just then, the doorbell ran.
Kiku probably forgot the keys, like usual. You sighed and walked downstairs. You unlocked the door and held out a pair of spare keys.
For some reason, your eyes were closed.
Wait, was that German?
"Kiku, your Japanese, remember?"
You opened your eyes, only to face your boyfriend, Ludwig.
You began crying. You wanted to smile, but you couldn't.
Instead of a warm welcome, you slapped him.
Then, you pulled him into a passionate kiss. You flung your arms around him, and he held your waist.
Unfortunately, being human means you need air, so you had to pull away.
You rested your head on his and licked your lips.
"Been awhile, Luddie~"
Ludwig nodded and stood up straight. He cleared his throat and dusted himself off, blushing.
"U-Uh, Ve should go inside now,________."
He said nervously, tilting his head back to point out a women and her child starring.
You blushed and nodded, letting him in.
"Sorry it took zhis long,__________."
You shook your head and locked the door.
"No matter. Im happy your here."
You turned around to face Ludwig and smiled. You noticed his suitcase and mentally face palmed.
"Here, I'll show you to your room."
You walked upstairs and led him to Feli's old room. Ludwig set his luggage at the foot of the bed, and looked around.
"_______, zhis is Feli's room, is it not?"
You nodded sadly.
"Feliciano has been going abit...mad, so he has to sleep in a cage..."
"He VHAT?!"
The German bolted to your room, immediately noticing the cage.
"________! He can't sleep in ZHIS!!"
You slowly walked in after him, and looked down at the cage.
"He already has....Look, you think I enjoy this?! Its torture! But his other side wants to kill everyone, including you!"
Ludwig looked at you, his face saying he was confused.
"I haven't even met him..."
"EXACTLY! Look Luddie, no one is enjoying this. Your the only one who knows aside from Kiku and I. We didn't even tell Lovino! So please, try to act normal around poor Feli. He doesn't like his friends to be scarred of him..."
You and Ludwig locked eyes for what seemed like a million years.
Finally, Ludwig sighed and mumbled;
"Fine. Only for now."
You nodded. "Thanks, Ludwig."
Ludwig smiled half-heartedly and walked back into what was now his room.
You sighed and walked closer to the cage. You knelled next to the metal bars and softly touched them.
"Ah, Bella. I see you-a like my cage."
Your eyes widened and you flipped around, only to face a ruby-eyed Feliciano.
He was grinning from ear to ear.
You looked behind him.
"Wheres Kiku?" You asked, beginning to get worried.
"Bella, don't-a worry. Hes still-a out.",
The red eyed Italian smiled, his eyes closed and his usually pink face, pale.
You gulped, sensing a lie in Feli's words.
But, you brushed it off.
Right now, you had to deal with the second Feliciano, who was in front of you with a gun pointed to your head.

Iiiiiiittsss out~!!
I hope you all like it ovo

Chapter 3 will...hopefully be out soon XD

Chapter one: [link]
Chapter two: [you are here]
Chapter three: [link]

Hetalia belongs to..not me! //wow,Im a Hetalia fan and i don't know who made it T^T~
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