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December 28, 2012
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HetaliaXReader eue
Its my first ever Hetalia story (sadly) and im nooottt quite sure I got their accents right. Actually, Im pretty sure I got most of them WRONG. If you read this and can't stand my mistakes, you can comment and at least try to help me understand. Like...say i got Japan's accent wrong, then you comment and say: "For Kiku's accent, He replaces the L's with R's."  And I decided to call them by their country name, or at least some xD ANYWAYS, ENOUGH TALK, MORE STORY.
   "Guys, Be quiet. Shes stirr asreep."
   "Oh come on Japan, Don't be so polite."
   "Werr, unrike you,Prussia, Im actuarry nice to ______."
   "Shh! Your going to wake her up!"
"Does it rook rike ve care?!" Japan and Prussia angrily whispered. Romano sighed.
"VE~!! GUYS," You heard a scream, which caused you to flinch a bit, mumbling in your sleep and turning to face England, who blushed.
"THE PASTA IS GONE." "AND THE CHICA DOESN'T HAVE TOMATOES!" Italy and Spain yelled from the kitchen. You shot up, looking at the people surrounding you."What are you guys...?" You looked at your clock. 4:30am. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE SO EARLY!?" You yelled. Japan poked Prussia."See, you woke her up." Prussia tackled him down."No! Those two food fairies did!"

   You sighed and looked at England, who despite the noise, had fallen asleep next to you. You smiled, your cheeks turning to a bright shade of red. You moved a lock of his hair out of his face, and his eyes fluttered open. You blushed from head to toe. He also did the same, both of you turned your heads, making sure the other couldn't see your face. "______...I'Im sorry,love." England apologized. You nodded."N-No, it wasn't your fault...I-Im sorry I woke you up."
"Im sorry I fell asleep in your bed."
Everything was silent.(ohmygodagaybabywasjustborn!) Until..You heard a loud squeak. "VE~!! SHE HAS PASTA!" Italy came running into your room, tripping on Japan and Prussia, who were still fighting, and fell onto Romano's lap."You idiota!" He said, hitting Italy's head lightly. "You woke _____ up!" Italy rubbed his head sadly."Vee! But I was supposed to, ah brother!" He said. You sighed, and crawled over to Italy, smiling. You began to stroke his brown hair at the spot Romano hit."Its ok Feli, Your brother is only being.." You looked up, searching for the right words."...Well, a brother." You giggled. All eyes were on you, everyone blushing. You looked at them all. It seemed as if time had come to a stand-still."What's wrong guys?" All of them blinked, sighing. Prussia got up, he shook his hands."Oh no no,______, noving is vrong~" He said. He looked Wait what?! You've been friends with these guys for like a thousand years, and just now you realized how cute they were? You facepalmed and sighed. Again, all eyes were on you."S-Stop staring!" You yelled, blushing. Everyone looked away.

You yawned and stretched  looking at everyone. "So, why exactly did you wake me up at 4:30 in the morning?" Everyone was silent. You rolled your eyes."Don't tell me its because Al saw an alien again." Alfred, who was watching TV and eating a McDonalds cheeseburger in the front room, turned his head to face your room. "Hey, I really did see one, OK?!!!" You giggled."Yeah,yeah." Then, you looked back to everyone in your room. "Vell, ______..." Germany began. Prussia raised his hand."Oh, Bruder, Let meh tell ______!! Oh please?" He begged, using his puppy eyes. It was hard not to resist his 'Awesomly epic face'. He was like a vampire puppy. Red eyes. Who would find that cute? Me. You thought. Wait--What?! Ok ______, what happened. Are you sick? Or is it because... You gasped. Prussia and Germany looked at you, followed by everyone else."Did i say somezing vrong?" Prussia asked, looking at ________. "I-Its my 16th Birthday!" Everyone sweatdropped. "And you just now realized that?" England asked. You laughed."Hahaha..Y-Yeah. Anyways, so whos gonna tell me wha-" "Oh, Oh, Bella! Were going to take you to--" Prussia glared at Italy and put his albino hand on the poor pasta-lover's mouth."Shh, Its a surprise  And vhat? Did you think ve were going to let chu get avay with telling _____?" Italy shook his head. Prussia took his hand off Feliciano's mouth and sighed. "Ve didn't think so." The albino turned to you."Anyvays, ve have a surprise for you, so ve can't tell, Ok?" You nodded.

*enter awkward silence here*"..." You glared at everyone. "What is it, love?" England asked. You remained silent until someone figured out what your 'glares' meant. "...Vould you liek us to get out,______?~" France asked. You nodded, sighing. "Finally someone figured it out! Thanks Francis~" Everyone stepped out. Everyone except France. "Uhm, Francis, Im afraid you can't stay in here." He sighed, pretending to cry."But my dear, My beautiiiiful hair cannot take one moment of stress~!" You glared at him, walked to him and grabbed him by his precious hair. "Well, you and your hair can go find someone else to spy on." France cried. He cried tears of nothing. You looked around, making sure there was no peep holes open, you took off your shirt and pants, searching for something nice to wear in your closet. "Ah, here we go." You said, pulling out a black and pink striped long-sleeve shirt, and a thin black over-shirt, making sure you could see the shirt underneath it. Then, you grabbed some skinny jeans, and the necessary 'girl' clothes needed. You walked over to your bathroom, when...
You flipped around to face Japan, who was turned away. His whole body was red, and he had blood pouring out of his nose. "Waah, K-Kiku?!" You said, dropping your clothes and grabbing a towel, covering yourself with it. "A-Ah..._______, Im rerry quite sorry..I-I know its disrespectfur." He apologized, still blushing. You walked over to him, and hugged him, trying to lift him up."M-Man, your heavy!" You said, dragging him to the door, your towel falling off in the process. When he had regained his consciousness,he looked at you and fainted again. Thank god you still had your bra and underwear on!

You unlocked the door and slowly made your way over to America, who blushed. The once white walls were now painted red, and everyone's face, including yours, was red as one of Spain's tomatoes. "_-______, What are you..?" America asked. You handed Japan over to America and sighed. "S-Sorry, He was left in there I guess..." America was speechless. "Ahem....W-Well, you'd better go before Francis comes out..." You nodded in agreement. You hugged America and whispered a thanks. It was normal..except for the whole 'half-naked' thing. You blushed and ran back to your room, locking the door. You sighed. "Well.." Looking around to make sure no one was there, you went in the bathroom and hopped in the shower.

-Ohlook, a Time Skip-

You walked out of your room, looking at all the boys. Their faces turned red when they saw you. "A-Alright, So..."
You looked at everyone. "uhm.._-______?" Russia said. You turned to him. "Yes Russia dear~?"  
"W-Why'd you put your clothes back on?" Everyone sweatdropped. Thats something Francis would say..and Francis alone. I mean...Russia can be creepy, but hes not THAT creepy, is he..? You blinked, and cleared your throat. "W-well Russia.." You didn't want to say anything more. The last time someone said something that angered Russia...Lets just say it wasn't pretty."Yes?" Russia said, his purple eyes resting on you. You gulped, taking a deep breath, and possibly your last.
"..It was cold." Russia blinked. "Buh..But its the middle of Summer!" You shook your head."Nope, thats just what nature wants you to think~" Russia nodded and a creepy but somewhat cute smile was painted across his face. "Alright, why'd you wake me up? Seriously." Everyone exchanged glances. When _______ was serious, she was serious. "Well? Im waiting." You tapped your foot on the ground impatiently.
"Were.." Prussia said.
"Going..." Spain continued.
"To~" France sang.
"See the world!" Everyone said. You gasped. Had you heard then correctly?
It may be in the wrong category, so ignore that |D
WHELP. IM SOOO OBSESSED WITH HETALIA THAT I DID A STORY. OH YAY. And im sorry, I can't write long to save my life TmT
But if you all like it, comment and tell if I should continue it! Im a bad writer xD

Forgive any mispellings as well xD

Hetalia c) Not me :iconsadamericaplz:
You c) Dunno yet eue ...:iconjapanposeplz:?
Story c) Meee eUe

Favs and comments are most appreciated!
Thanks! <3

Part 2- [link]
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I love it! I hope to see the next part! And yes, you got the accents correct. I like the bit of comedy there too :) Keep making stuff like this k? I can totally see where this is going, the originality is okay too, I like a person with style. The technique you used was absolutely wonderful and it has made an impact to me as well. Also, I loved the Japan in the description.~ I love it how the Reader-chan forgets her own birthday. Made me laugh. I Hope to see more ok this, so keep writing okay?

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jadchan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Artist
I luv it! <3 Please write more! owo And Russia seemed somehow adorable! ^w^ They were all adorable! ^w^
((Except for France. XD))
Spicy-Cinnamon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pssht. France and his hair are stressed UuU~
jadchan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Artist
Well this is France we're speaking of.
Spicy-Cinnamon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh but of course~ XDD
jadchan Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Artist
fireangel20 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Spicy-Cinnamon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you enjoyed it! xD
Secret-and-Promises Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Writer
Amazing job, Neko!
Yes, you should continue it. ^^
Spicy-Cinnamon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I might to the second part later, since im gonnna be up till 5 XD
Cryptic-Valkyrie Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
And okay!
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