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   "W-What did you say?" You asked, your voice shaky. "Were going to travel around the world, Ve~!" Italy smiled, taking a bite of his pasta. "Ci, Amigo. First stop is Italy." Italy looked at Spain, smiling at his countries name. You shook your head, falling to your knees and cupping your hands over your mouth. America looked down. "Whats wrong? Aren't you happy?" You shook your head. Of course you were happy! Happiest in the world, except for the day you had met all these weirdos. "No no no, Its too much to ask. It will cost millions, traveling the world! I couldn't ask that of you!" Everyone looked at you sadly, but Prussia's face lit up. He walked over to you and place a hand on your shoulder. "It is not a burden, ______. We have been saving up since the day ve all met." You looked at him, a tear running down your face. You shot up and hugged him. "Oh thank you thank you!" Gilbert smirked, looking at his brother. Germany blushed madly, a bit jealous. You pulled away, running up to hug America next. Prussia pouted. "Oh uhm, _______, Actually it was Germany's idea!" You stopped, only afew feet away from America. You turned around and bolted to Germany, hugging him so tight he couldn't breathe. "Oh thank you Ludwig!" You said. The German's face was lit up like it was decorated with red Christmas lights. He pushed you off abit, and he cleared his throat. "Y-yes, your quite welcome.

    You grabbed your suitcase and began to pack, filling it with mangas, movies, clothes, and all other things necessary. You came out, setting your suitcase down. Japan came to get that, while England got your backpack. "Thanks boys!" You said. Both blushed. You walked over to America, stopping in front of him. "Sooo....Do we need tickets?" He pulled something out of his bomber jacket, showing you everyones ticket. But one was missing. "Where's Prussia's?" You asked. Prussia had somehow managed to sneak in between you and America. He began waving his ticket in front of you. "I got an awesome ticket, vts golden, seeee? I payed for vit myself~" He said, trying to impress you. America sweatdropped. "You didn't pay for it. You borrowed money from Germany. And..-" You interrupted America and snorted. "..And, all of ours have golden.." You paused, staring at the tickets. Gold? Wait, the flight was..."FIRST CLASS?!" You said, pushing Prussia aside, who landed on his face, his torso high in the air, and hugged America."Oh thank you Alfred!" You said, planting a kiss on his left cheek. He blushed and put a hand to the back of his neck."It was nothing _______. Being a country representative has its ups and downs~"

  You nodded, then looked at everyone in the room. "Well, lets go get in the car~!" America said, racing England to the car. The english man sighed and followed his brother, putting ______'s bag in the trunk. You followed them. "The van will become one with me, da?" Everyone looked at Russia. You giggled and patted his back."You can ask the van, but Im not sure he'll answer." Russia stared at the car, making everyone think he would use his psychic powers to make it fly or something crazy like that. Everyone knew Russia could talk to ghosts, after all, He did talk to Canada. You felt sorry for Canada. No one but you ever noticed him, not even his own pet could remember who he was. Poor Canada. It made you want to walk up to him and give him a big hug, tell him everyone was stupid not to notice someone so awesome. " 'Ey ______!!" A voice snapped you back to reality. You looked over to see Romano. "Wake up, were leaving, with or without you."
"Were going with her, you dope!" Everyone else said. You giggled and hopped into the Van. You figured it was a rent, Germany nor anyone else had owned a car this...'roomy'. Or at least not that you knew of.

   You were sitting next to Canada, Japan and Russia. The BTT sat together in the back, and Germany was driving. America, England were forced to share a seat in the back. Yes the back. With the luggage. It was about 2 hours to get to the airport, and your flight left at 8:45, so you would have at least an hour and a half to get through security and such, and to get breakfast, hoping Italy and America didn't get hungry sooner. It was about a half hour of silence, until...."Ouch!" Everyone but Germany looked back. "Al?" You asked, trying to peek around the BTT's heads. Prussia and France sat up as much as possible, blocking your view on purpose. You pouted. "What the bloody hell Alfred? Couldn't you tell I was asleep?" You heard England yell. "Well sorry, but I can't help it." You giggled."A hero couldn't stand his own brother on him?" Everyone gasped. The BTT were also surprised, but only because you managed to see past them. "W-What?!" America turned around, resting his head on the seat above France. "Who said that?" You rolled your eyes. "France said it, hes the only girl here." France gasped. "Don't mock my hair!!" You rolled your eyes. "Oh, well I know who said it. But like..why, dude?" America asked.

   You let out a 'honhonhon~'. France looked at you; No, glared at you. "Stop making vun ov me, Madam!" He squealed, petting his precious hair. You giggled. This was going to be a long trip.
Again, so sorry it soooo short T^T :icononionfranceplz: ))Ve~! :iconjapanpastaplz: Its finally done! I hope you guys are liking the story so far owo

Part 1- [link]

Hetalia c) Not me ;;n;;
You c) America?...:icontrollfaceplz:
Story c) MUAH~!

The next part should be out tomorrow.(sadly, meaning summer. XD ) OH WHY MUST THERE BE A WAIT? WHYYYY?! :iconamericawhyplz:

Favs and comments are most appreciated!
Thanks! <3
Please comment and give ideas on what should happen next! Thanks~! :iconiggybrowsplz:
lkhvc902 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Again Francis and his beautiful hair~
I wish I had France hair sometimes |'D

Again, I love this~
Spicy-Cinnamon Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks >U<
I guess part 1 got alot more likers then this oeo

And yes. France loves his hair. UvU~
lkhvc902 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist

Oh Yes~
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